Madhya Pradesh congress launched a new version of Android App

M.P Congress Mobile is Android Based Multi Lingual Application developed to provide Information about the M.P. Congress, Its Leaders, Upcoming Events & News, Image & Video Gallery. App has language options in Hindi & English

This App also provide information of All Congress Organization's Office Bearers including MPCC, Youth Congress, Women Congress, NSUI & Seva Dal.

This Application also has feature to Join Congress Party in M.P. State in India.Users also has option to post their feedback to the M.P.C.C.App also provide Information about the different Schemes introduced by Congress Led UPA Government.

You can download this app to visit below URL: [More]
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Truth vs. Hype – Has Indore Really Progressed?

“Development” is no longer just one of the words written in the Oxford dictionary but has attained a significant position globally. Nowadays, everywhere we see people talking about development, whether it is personal, professional or related to their surroundings. We require it continuously because development is (in positive sense) related to the change and change is the only thing that is constant.  But, it is not necessary that every individual has the same idea or agree with the same parameters that measure development. It varies from person to person. For some it may be construction of roads or malls while for others it may be an installation of a hand-pump. With this perception in mind, people decide or rather appraise the work and conclude about the performance of the government.  I view it in a wider perspective and completely agree with the definition of development as stated by United Nations that says, “Development is to lead long and healthy lives, to be knowledgeable, to have access to the resources needed for a decent standard of living and to be able to participate in the life of the community”. Achieving human development is linked to a third perspective of development which views it as freeing people from obstacles that affect their ability to develop their own lives and communities. Development, therefore, is empowerment: it is about local people taking control of their own lives, expressing their own demands and finding solutions to their problems. Having said this, I present before you few things that I have witnessed in the span of 12 years in Indore:   State of Devi Ahilya University - I came to Indore in 2003 to take admission in one of the well renowned universities of Central India i.e. Devi Ahilya University (DAVV). It was quite weird for me to come to Madhya Pradesh for higher studies as the general reaction of friends and relatives was – why the hell are you going to a backward State for studies when there are other options available? The reason was simple – DAVV was known to impart quality education at nominal fees and offered chance for good placements. Moreover, the city was peaceful and full of potential. But in these 12 years, the level of education in the University has gone down and the situation has worsened. It has lost its glory and reputation owing to several factors such as internal politics, external or political interference etc. and the students continue to suffer. When the State has progressed in these 12 years, why the image of DAVV has plummeted?  State of Private Colleges – When the University is reeling under such situation, it is not difficult to imagine the condition of private colleges of the city. First of all, every year ‘n’ number of seats remain vacant in these colleges. Secondly, the level and quality of education imparted is unimaginably poor. Even an okay kind of job is a distant dream for students. On top of all this, the colleges unofficially employ “admission brokers”. Their work is to bring potential students from all over the State and upon admission these brokers get their “fees”. If this is how the education is being imparted, then what kind of development are we talking about? Liquor Trading – I was quite surprised to see that liquor trading was (and is) not only rampant but there were (and are) many places for people to get drunk, even in open! In these 12 years, the number of liquor shops in the city has increased exponentially. Shockingly, there are now 6 liquor shops around 0.5 Km radius of the University, which also includes many schools, colleges and hostels. The other day I was watching a debate on a News channel wherein BJP’s spokesperson Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi said that we are against liquor trading as it’s a poison for the society. Somebody please apprise her about the situation in Indore. In the other parts of the city, people had to fight with the traders and officials to shift these shops from the residential areas so that they can live a trouble-free life! The State government has filled its coffers with the revenue but we were talking about the development, right? State of District Hospital – District hospitals across the country are lifeline for the poor people. Here they get access to good medical facilities and are attended by senior and renowned doctors. At least this is what they (government hospitals) are intended to offer. But in Indore, MY Hospital has become synonymous to dirt, filth, mismanagement and complete chaos. On September 6, 2015, Dainik Bhaskar published a story that said Madhya Pradesh has worst medical facilities. When you can’t even streamline the functioning of a hospital in 12 years and failed to provide proper medical facilities, where is the development? BRTS – The name in itself is sufficient to anger any Indori (people of Indore). The government took more than 6 years to construct it and today the whole idea behind the project has been rejected by the experts and the High Court. It has become an epitome of poor planning and complete mismanagement. More unfortunate is the truth that many people lost their lives during the construction work because of careless attitude of the authorities. In all, a terrible failure! What kind of development is this when you can’t even plan and execute the things? MPPMT Scam – Well, the whole world now knows Vyapam scam and my head hangs in shame. Indore is known as an “educational hub” but Vyapam scam, DMAT scam, Scholarship scam have unearthed a gory story. Anyone with deep pocket can buy a medical seat and become a doctor. Moreover, it is a blot on the pious profession. Even the education minister was arrested for his involvement. So, where is the development of 12 years? Illegal Medical Tests on Patients –Some renowned doctors of Indore colluded with the pharmaceutical companies and tested their medicines on patients illegally i.e. used them as guinea pigs. This case was not only shocking but also reminiscent of an under-developed place, let alone the development. Crime Rate – In these 12 years, Madhya Pradesh has topped the list of States with highest crime rate and predominant among them are Indore, Bhopal and Jabalpur, all developed cities of the State! Is this the price we have paid for blindly trusting the so-called development?  Indore is known as the “commercial capital” of Madhya Pradesh and on the other hand boasts of rich culture and heritage. If this is what the most important city of the State got from the BJP government, you can’t even imagine the condition of other places. The government failed on all the basic parameters of the development i.e. education, health, infrastructure and safety and that too within the most developed city of the state. I have a question for the state government - what according to you people is the definition of development and progress? I and millions of people are eager to know your answer.
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कांग्रेस : भारत का भविष्य

    कांग्रेस के आज के दौर को समझने के लिए यह समझना जरुरी है की क्या कांग्रेस को भाजपा ने हराया है ?या कोई और शक्तियां हैं जो इसके पीछे सक्रिय है और जो भारत के विकास रथ को निष्क्रिय करना चाहती हैं ?,,मुझे ऐसा लगता है की भारत में ६५ साल की स्थिरता से जो प्रशासनिक स्टेगनेशन की स्थिति बानी और इस ठहराव को तोड़ने के लिए कांग्रेस ने सीधे जनता और नागरिकों के सशक्तिकरण की प्रक्रिया शुरू की उसके बदले यह हमला होना ही था?६५ साल की राजनीतिक स्थिरता ने देश के नागरिक को विकासोन्मुख आकांक्षा तो दी किन्तु नौकरशाही को लगा की राजनीतिक प्रणाली नहीं बस्तवीक सत्ता तो वही है और उसने हमेशा राजनीतिक नेतृत्व वो चाहे किसी भी दाल का हो उसे उपहास का पत्र बनाने के लगातार प्रयत्न किये ताकि इस दबाव में वह देश और उसके विकास की योजनाओं का धन लूट सके,, लेकिन जब कांग्रेस ने सुचना के अधिकार, तथा लोक सेवा कानूनों के माध्यम से सीधे जनता को सशक्त करने का अभियान छेड़ा तो उसे यह समझते देर नहीं लगी की अब उसे उत्तरदायी प्रशासन देना पड़ेगा और कांग्रेस ने उसके निर्द्वंद लूटखोरी पर रोक लगा दिया है ,,इसीलिए उसने प्रशासनिक भ्रस्टाचार के खिलाफ उठ रही आवाजों को राजनीतिक नेतृत्व की तरफ मोड़ा और मीडिया तथा अराजक राजनैतिक तत्वों को सशक्त करने में जुट गया!! यसह हमला अनपेक्षित नहीं था किन्तु इसकी पूरी तैयारी न हो सकने से हा इस त्रिकोणीय हमले का सीधा उत्तर नहीं दे सके..!! लेकिन यह फेज भी समाप्त हो रहा है झूठे वादे झूठे सिद्ध हो गए हैं,, शेरोन की ओढ़ी हुयी खेल दिखाई देने लगी है,, ५६ इंच के सीने स्वयं ही सिकुड़ गए हैं और जो हथियार कांग्रेस ने जनता को दिया था उसकी धार स्वतः पुनः प्रशासन की और मुद गयी है,, कांग्रेस भले हार गयी हो किन्तु नागरिक सशक्त हो गया है और यह सश्क्तिकर अब भम्हास्त्र की तरह अपने लक्ष्य् के संधान की और बढ़ रहा है ,,अगर प्रशासनिक अव्यवस्था,, नियत्रोन्मादी राजसत्ता,, और शोषण वादी इरादे थामे नहीं तो शीघ्र ही इसके परिणाम सामने आएंगे !
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कांग्रेस पार्टी के वेब पोर्टल बनाये जाने पर शुभकामनायें

मध्यप्रदेश कांग्रेस पार्टी के अध्यक्ष श्री अरुण यादव जी एवं आईटी एवं सोशल मीडिया सेल के प्रदेश अध्यक्ष श्री धर्मेन्द्र बाजपेयी जी बधाई के पात्र हैं जिन्होने संभवतः भारत में किसी भी राजनैतिक पार्टी का सबसे उपयोगी वेब पोर्टल बनाया है । इस वेब पोर्टल की खास बात है कि आप अपने सुझाव, अपनी शिकायत कहीं से भी दर्ज करा सकते हैं । आप ऑनलाइन फार्म भी भर सकते हैं । यह सूचना एवं प्रोद्योगिकी की दिशा में सराहनीय और कारगर कदम है ।

योगेन्द्र सिंह परिहार
महासचिव, आईटी एवं सोशल मीडिया सेल,
मध्यप्रदेश कांग्रेस कमेटी [More]
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Arun Yadav President, Madhya Pradesh Congress

Great Job by IT Cell to provide voice to the congressman from entire World to express their feelings and methodology about the nation, party, Society and people. Congratulations to the team Madhya Pradesh.

I am happy to express my views here on the great occasion of launching this Congress Blog. I am confident that congress party will come back with the Clear Mandate in 2018 assembly elections in MP and destroy the battle of corrupt bjp government. Congress party in the state started its preparation for the elections and started reformation of the congress party as per the guidance from Smt. Soniya Gandhi and Shri Rahul Gandhi.

Here by launching this new dynamic website we will start taking all the complaint, suggestions and ideas from the people of the state and put our all energy to focus on resolution of public issues. We are also going to take all the nomination online for the upcoming Nagriya Nikay & Panchayat elections in Madhya Pradesh in 2014-2015.

I would also invite you to use this Congress Blog to express your ideas with congress party and become the voice of party to work for the Great India.

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Dharmendra Bajpai President, IT Cell, Madhya Pradesh Congress

First of all congratulations to the congress workers to get this great job done on the entire new Mobile Friendly Dynamic Web Portal. Team Congress started its new journey in Madhya Pradesh targeting the next assembly election under the leadership of young dynamic prominent leader Mr. Arun Yadav.

Having a thought to automate and online many different activities within the congress party in the state we first came up with the Android Mobile Application and now we launched fresh new dynamic website to provide many features to the party workers.

Our main focus was to connect the common man in the state to the congress party so that they can directly report their complaint to the leaders of congress and party workers will help them to resolve their issues.

We also has all the information about the congress party, its organizations and congress vision in the form of different schemes like RTI, RTE, MNrega, Food Security, Land Accession etc.

New web portal has interface to join the congress party and apply for the candidates in all upcoming elections. Photo Galary and Social Media connect is also available now.

We keep working on more solutions to increase our efficiency.

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